Artistic Outlet Media — Case Study



The CO2 Solved Foundation has for years honed their research, assessments and solutions in the fight to keep plants healthy and thriving in the midst of climate change. However, they lacked the means to get these solutions in the public eye, and to the eyes of lobbyists who could effect real structural change based on the Foundation’s findings. What they needed was a brand identity, and to establish their presence across the web and modern media, providing accessible resources and content that broke down what the organization does and the actual positive change these efforts can lead to in healing our planet.


AOM recognized the establishment of a brand identity as requiring the following:

  • Creation of a brand guide (including logos, fonts, colour schemes, practical uses, etc.)
  • The creation of video and photo content
    • Communicate the initiative’s messaging
    • Bring further awareness to their cause
  • Curating a social media presence
  • Creating an online resource for their initiative including their website, social media, brand story videos and more to alternately lead to national support and donations for their cause

Not only would AOM need to build a brand guide to establish the Foundation’s identity, but they needed to then produce and distribute content in effective ways to (1) get the Foundation’s efforts in the eye of the public and (2) into the hands of lobbyists.


AOM established the Foundation’s digital presence in a way that was true to their messaging and intentions — through web work, AOM created a full resource online for all the CO2 Solved Foundation’s work, studies, products, and proposed solutions. The production of a brand identity video and several product videos additionally aided in funding for their cause, as well as providing necessary resources for their lobbyists to petition in the House and Senate for use of the products in national parks, federal forests, and federal lands.

WEBSITE: co2solvedfoundation