Artistic Outlet Media — Case Study



Kidsports’ need was twofold — they required fundraising for the construction and equipping of their new facility, and more broadly, they wanted to further their brand awareness. The organization felt they had an opportunity to truly establish themselves as a staple of health, fitness, and fun for Lane County’s youth, and in order to do so would need to (1) create a space that could facilitate a grander spectrum of activities and uses, and (2) reach those in the community who lacked this resource, and demonstrate to them what Kidsports is all about.


AOM and Kidsports decided to start with a campaign video aimed at fundraising for the new facility. The video would express Kidsports’ goals with their intended ‘Civic Park,’ and demonstrate the types of resources they’ve been able to provide for kids in Eugene for years. Their efforts would further be supported by the regular production of content for Kidsports by AOM, showcasing their different activities, staff, and place in the community. The video and photo content AOM would produce, as well as their work in reshaping Kidsports’ social media, aimed to further legitimize the fundraising efforts for their new facility, and cement them as a
vital and worthwhile resource for Lane County.


The campaign video helped Kidsports reach their initial fundraising goal, garnering $2.2 million for what is now Civic Park in Eugene. AOM went on to produce a second video the following year to gain further funding for construction, and in the years since has proved a reliable media arm for Kidsports, almost tripling their followers on social media. AOM’s management of the accounts has allowed the Kidsports image to grow organically throughout the community, as well as produced regular content to keep Kidsports in touch with the Lane County community.