Artistic Outlet Media — Case Study

Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services

PROJECT CONDUCTED: Spring 2023 – Present

The DDS Division has for years helped house and find new families for Lane’s foster children with developmental disabilities. However, in light of the racial, health, and environmental crises of the last few years, the Division finds their foster family need higher than ever, and so turned to AOM with the desire not only to spread their need for providers, but with the aim to show the community that anyone can be a foster provider and that the Lane government already has systems in place to provide ample support and resources and support to providers and children throughout the foster care process.

A multimedia approach was elected — AOM and the Division determined a pair of campaign videos along with supplemental photography would spread the word through digital spheres, while production on an informational pamphlet and an eye-grabbing poster would allow the department to advertise their message physically in Lane’s community and establishments.

Production has wrapped on each element: (1) vibrant pamphlet and brochure designs (see our “DESIGN WORK” section below for reference); (2) educational video expressing the support Lane can provide its foster families; (3) a commercial spot to grab new audiences; (4) campaign photography. As it readies to officially launch these elements, the Division attributes its preparedness and reassurance in its campaign to AOM’s comprehensive construction, production, and publishing of their marketing campaign, and actualizing their message in a way
that’s both approachable and impactful. Lane’s DDS Division now has the tools to reach a grander spectrum families across the County, and to demonstrate how the ample resources Lane’s own government provides to families ensures that any family can become a foster provider if they’re willing to open their hearts and homes.