Kelsey has been a photographer for 8+ years now and a professional photographer for about 5 years now based out of the Northwest. During this time her and her husband started Artistic Outlet Media making her a co-owner of the company. Within Artistic Outlet Media she is the head photographer, wardrobe stylist and head of production.

Kelsey has been published in magazines for her photography work such as Jute Magazine, Like a Lion Magazine and Ellements along with work being featured in Italian Vogue. Along with her photography accolades she was asked to speak at the University of Oregon Videography and Women in Business class to help inspire students to not be afraid to be an entrepreneur. Her love for photography started with her grand parents when they gave her, her first black and white film camera. Their home is a photo gallery in itself and used to inspire her and knew what she wanted to do when she got older, be a photographer, travel the world and start a business. She hopes to continue on this journey and make them proud.